Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash
Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

To the Fatherless Generation who I have My Mighty Hand on

Your place in History is a great one

I had to have a Fatherless generation to put my imprint on…
My character, My love, My very proof of My love.
A chosen Generation to bring My Love on the earth
A Generation without the imprint of a human father.

So I could breathe the breath of My life into them.
The DNA of my essence.
My complete person.
All that I have to impart, You were given to cover the nations.
A Love that is full and complete in Me.
No one can change what I put into you.
No one can claim that it was otherwise.
I will manifest myself in you for all to see.
You had no other training except by Me.
You are formed and molded by Me.
My hand scooped out the areas that were not of Me.
Areas that were left undone, My Mighty hand formed your heart to conform to mine.

Your heart looks like mine

No malice, no rudeness, not hate, not impatience, not vanity, not self-seeking, not evil,
not doubt or fear, not proud, not boastful, not destructive.
Your heart doesn’t remember when it has been wronged.
It is pure and has innocence.
My Mighty hand has kept you and protected you.
I have brought you into that place with Me in perfect Love.

Your heart looks like mine

This Fatherless generation is mine and no one can have credit.

Man has abandon his relationship with Me.
So I have picked it up in My Great and Radical Grace and Mercy to bridge the gap, the breach of My covenant with man.
I have produced a generation who will smell like Me, look like Me, taste like Me, act like Me, Love like Me, and show all the kindness to all people like I would.
There will be no mistake who My Fatherless are.
Because they are no longer Fatherless, for I have not abandon them or left them by the wayside.
I have healed them, delivered them and prepared them for the age ahead.

The New Day… The Reign of My Son

So once again, My ways of Love will be seen and felt.
Where man has abdicated his role with Me, I have kept My word of My covenant and picked up where man has laid down his participation in My covenant.
I have raised up Sons and Daughters to reaffirm My covenant and My Love for My people.
I have this Fatherless generation to be My brand, My fiery brand on My Beloved.
They have gone through more than anyone can bear alone.

They have suffered greatly for My names sake. Their faith has brought them through.
The crushing they have endured has brought forth the fragrance of My Love.

My Love to be presented to the world

The crushing wiped out all of themselves and allowed Me to be fully present in them.
You will know them by their Love for each other.
The fragrance of their Love will permeate the world.
They truly are the heart of their Father.

Their absent fathers, fathers who abandon them, hurt them, who mistreated them,
who they never saw, who left them, who didn’t affirm them, who tried to destroy their own flesh and blood, their fathers who did every evil thing to them and did not succeed at keeping them from their destiny.

This Fatherless generation has been born with tender hearts toward Me that the enemy has tried to destroy.
The intimacy that is within them the enemy has tried to fill with every sexual sin, tried to destroy any hope of knowing their identity, tried to destroy with all of the death culture, fill their hearts with every kind of lie about who I am.

The lie of self-leading to narcissism.
Every lie regarding worship of Me. Every manmade part of idol worship.
Every place in a man’s heart to be turned elsewhere.

I am coming to bring out all the lies especially about intimacy with Me.
I am raising up those who have overcome.
They will rule and reign with Me.
I will bring them soon to fruition to expose the chains and lies holding back My Presence.

My Glorious Presence

My Glory which will permeate the earth, no longer will the physical and the flesh hold back My people.
I will uncover the shame covering up My Glory.
I am calling to those shredded hearts by the enemy to become whole in My presence.
All the pain will lift and the restoration will begin.
My people’s hearts will be restored to Me.
Their then will be Fathers connected to Me.

I am stepping up the gap between Myself and My people.
Those who have suffered greatly at the hands of the enemy will have much restored to them.
Restored in such a way that they will be renown.
They will also be trusted with My Kingdom.

For they know Me

For those who have suffered at the hands of the enemy from sexual perversion the call is great…
Your heart was called to carry a large capacity of love to My people.
The enemy stepped into fill it with the wrong information to subdue the Kingdom with a message of subjection to the FLESH.
You are credited with great ability to carry the Love of My SPIRIT.
Satan has unduly attacked you so as not to be able to produce the Love you were created to carry.
You are overcoming generations of strongholds (lies that we believe) about the outpouring of True Love.
Satan has not succeeded.

For some of you I am finishing your healing and will expedite it in this season.
I will finish you in due season.
I have started the surgery.
It will soon finish so the healing can begin.
Your hearts will be ready to bring forth the Love designed to change the world.

Your hearts will know

Your hearts will know for sure that it is Me working in you.
Not something superficial or half way.
It will be a permanent work in your heart.
For some of you it will seem a little strange at first, but I will make all things clear and distinct.
This will be a defining moment.
You will not be foggy anymore.
It will come forth with clarity.
The Love is designed to bring others through the same darkness you once knew or experienced.
They will carry their Daddy’s heart.
His fury will be unopposed in the coming days.
Great healing and restoration will come upon the people.
Something they have never experienced before.
Their love will far surpass anything that has ever been seen or will ever be seen again.
For they will truly carry their Daddy’s heart.
This generation will overcome the workings of the flesh and show the overcoming in the Spirit shown with HIS GREAT LOVE.


April 10, 2013 > Sharon Luzzi

† By God’s Grace.

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