Because, I Care.

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When I was a small child I loved to follow my grandpa around like a puppy. Every night before bed he would empty his pockets onto his dresser. Keys, coins, and a small oval-shaped agate gemstone with a thumb-sized depression on one side appeared. He told me the agate was his worry stone.

I had no idea what worry was at six, and he didn’t tell me. He showed me how he rubs the stone and handed it to me. I thought is was beautiful, smooth, almost silky, it was warm, and I wanted one.

Today, I know what worry is and one of the biggest causes is how much I can become offended or offensive to others.

I can get offended easily

Agate Worry Stone Sold by Crystal Vaults

Take for example, the driver passing on the right while the rest of us are merging lanes with the precision of a zipper. Or, the rude shopper that reaches over me to grab the item I’m considering. I get offended, and if I allow myself to worry about these everyday offences I can become the offender.

Then the worry starts. I worry about being hurt by someone, and I worry about hurting someone.

Why do I worry?

Because, I care

The beauty is that I have Holy Spirit to convict me and teach me how to care in a godly way. He teaches me things to stay unoffendable, like create good boundaries, apologize, empathize, and love people anyway.

Today, I have a choice to worry or not. I have a choice to be offendable or unoffendable. 

by Jana Rawling


† By God’s Grace.


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