Malica Williams is also know for her spoken word pieces. We are honored to add her spoken word pieces to our blog.


I’m a frame with no depth. Moving forward requires me to move the cement blocks entrapped below me.
At least I’m honest about my identity. Gossip wraps around me like sash of honor. clothed in opinions of others.
They came to help me massaging me with their lies telling me put your feet in you need a pedicure. The sand in the bucket felt nice below my feet and the warm water pouring on top. No one told me my feet were about to be in locked with cement dreams of others for me.
Religion was my belt of truth I wore with pride. At least I knew all the rules in which to abide.
I’m not a victim I took every step knowing my direction. No one told me my vision was already impaired.
Peripheral was non existent looking back was to painful, but I could see what was in front of me. Just far enough to let my hope run free.
I had the intelligence of all that google could share with me. Unaware of the grave prepared for me. As I began to fall I screamed out Romans 10:9,10 shouldn’t that save me from the disgrace of everyone before me.
You see when your content is that of the world and diluted truth it can stagger you. Bind you up and torment you.
Our Father God said the truth shall set you free.
Malica Williams

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