Spoken Word Piece By Malica Williams


Oct 8, 2017
Day 547& 1/2
When the alarm goes off and you don’t hit snooze progress.
When your exercise is walking to the mailbox progress.
When you are only swimming in 12 loads of laundry progress.
When you pull out the vaccuum and plug it in that’s progress.
When you arrive at the grocery store and remember to go in progress.
When taking a shower and having clean clothes feels like vacation progress.
When Chic fil a drive thru feels like eating at a five star restaurant progress.
When the bathrooms are clean and guest are on the there way progress.
When laying down for five minutes feels like a nap progress.
When some one gets mad at you for not doing one more thing, and a time of death was not determined Progress.
When someone is willing to listen and not give unsolicited advice love.
When someone will fold my laundry.
When someone allows me to get four hours of sleep.
When someone will allow me to watch a movie without interruption that’s love.
When someone will cook for me
When someone hugs me and my tank is full
When someone can see I need a moment to myself
When someone requires nothing of me.
Unwritten stories of one who lays down their life on the daily.
As we know the list could go on.
When simple seems complicated slow down.
Phones down head up pay attention to those around you be present.
“Your presence doesn’t take away from me it adds to me.
Your absence takes away from me. “
Malica Williams

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