Love and Thanks

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Our gratitude for life really  is a heart choice for life!

Love makes the world go round and  is infectious and contagious.  Practicing the attitude of gratefulness for all that we have far outweighs the negative things or current problem we might have. Being grateful is glad, rejoicing, joyful, a merry heart and thankful.

When we focus on God and  give Him thanks, we are putting our hearts in the right frame of mind to receive, to love and be loved by Him. Being grateful keeps us humble to know God created us and everything He gives us. He is a good Father who gives us good gifts.

I am always grateful for all that he has given me. I now he loves me and gives me the best of everything. I am grateful for what I even know is ahead of me.

Gratefulness does not make any room for the enemy to divert your attention to the enemy which does not give life.

Science has proven that being thankful more often leads to more positive outcomes and more thankfulness.

Linked below is the Harvard Health Study on Gratefulness.

Harvard Study  

Practicing gratefulness is as easy as sending thank you cards, calling and letting someone what they did for you or others makes you feel grateful for their help. Writing down or journaling  gratefulness for meditation, is a boost. Prayer time spent being grateful is a great lift to one’s spirit.

When we are positioned for gratefulness life has a lot of sunshine and less clouds! It grows gardens and groves. The happy fruit is sweet and tasty! It will make you look years younger and keep your mind alert and healthy emotionally.

I have had a very difficult life to say the least. In my gratefulness, the journey of life has afforded me to learn the important and lasting part of life. The part that stands out the most is the negative just prolongs the problem and makes it worse. The gratefulness OVERCOMES the darkness and brings out the light. This doesn’t mean we dismiss what’s wrong, it means the solution comes to the forefront. The gratefulness doesn’t partner with death.

I had my son 13 weeks EARLY.  That posed some dangerous problems for myself and him because of the condition I had, and his prematurity. Having to trust God meant I couldn’t partner with the negative thoughts or possible medical complications including death for both him and I. I felt the immediate peace when I chose not to blame everything on my situation and believe or entertain the negative thoughts. I had a choice. I chose to believe and be grateful. I was in the best hospital, had the best doctors and the best insurance. But most of all I had God. He had made sure all these things were in place. Since I had a grateful heart  it was already positioned to receive HIS LOVE.

Love is care from God. Receive His Love Today !

I am grateful for God, my Family and friends, my wellbeing and all that God is working in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Love and Blessings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sharon Luzzi



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