Encounters Season 1: Episode 1

Encounters S1E1

Welcome to the first Season and Episode 1 of the Encounters Podcast about Seeing in the Spiritual realm with your hosts Jana Rawling and Sharon Luzzi.

I used to see things as a child that others couldn’t and as a result, I learned not to say anything to anyone. I detached and denied the ability for so long I had convinced even myself that I wasn’t seeing anything that others couldn’t see.

When I was little, I would sit watching out the windows for the dark shadows that would hide behind the trunks of trees. I would keep my head covered at night often shaking in fear until I would fall asleep. I was repeatedly told there was nothing there and it was just my imagination. So, as you can imagine, I rejected my imagination as well which was detrimental to being an artist and creative.

Fast-forward to my late twenties: I was visiting a church and, in the bulletin, saw Spiritual Gifts classes. Spiritual Gifts—I had never seen those two words put together before in all my years in church. I cried. I felt like I was finally going to get an answer as to how I was made.

I had always thought there was something wrong with me, and for all-intents-and-purposes so did others. I hoped God didn’t make me wrong, but I questioned why I was able to just “know” things. I questioned why people had accused me of reading their minds and why I was able to recall notes for a test by closing my eyes to see them.

I decided to take the Spiritual Gifts classes which is where I had my first positive, Holy Spirit-inspired seeing experience. The instructors led us through a simple visualization that went like this: First, we closed our eyes and imagined a gold package in front of us with a huge golden bow….

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