Creativity: Cathartic Exercise


I made another Gourd in between all of the writing, blogging and podcasting I do. It was so fun to carve these waves. I really needed to step away a get creative.

Buried Emotional Toxins

We carry our emotions in every cell of our body. Many of those emotions are negative and destructive. They cause illness and pain mentally, spiritually and physically. And much of this is done subconsciously. So, it’s important that we work to rid ourselves of the toxic emotions that hide deep inside of us.

One way to draw out the emotional toxins and heal from them is to be creative. When we tap into the Creative Spirit, we become free. In that moment of true connection to our Creator we heal, we gain understanding, wisdom and knowledge—and we can be more productive when we return to our task, deadline, etc.

So, make something. Do something. Anything. It doesn’t have to be “good” to be a cathartic exercise. The minute we begin to be creative our atmosphere shifts from overwhelming stress to relaxation. It’s best we just set aside that thing we are stressed about completing (before we can take the time to be creative) and just start. Write, doodle, color, draw, sculpt, make or exercise, be loving to someone, give.

Practice cathartic exercises daily and you’ll be surprised at how much more other stuff you’ll get done.

† By God’s grace.

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