Art Draws from Life

Clay Figure Sculpture of Ella
Clay Figure Sculpture “Ella,” Unfinished, by Jana Rawling

Finding Meaning

There’s story behind art; stories of subject and emotion past and present—perhaps the future too. Art you hate and love speak volumes if you take the time to listen. Why? The stories are a combination of the artist, the environment, the moment and the viewer.

Artists tell stories and must let them go at just the right moment to allow the viewer to add their own framework to the piece. Art hides treasures we image to find. Galleries hang, curators cull and gather threads of life to unify an experience. The viewer animates the work; absorbing and creating some originally new essence to carry home within their heart.

I’m not talking about commercial art where the message comes first, and the artist drives the viewer to get it. I’m talking about mastery of romantic form and function, whether analog or digital. Painting, sculpture, performance, installations, drawing, whatever art that evokes emotion; any emotion.

If I’ve made work that one person loves and another hates, I have been successful.


† By God’s Grace.

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