Creativity: When Art Comes Together

It’s Supernatural

There’s a moment when making art that it materializes into what it was meant to become. But you must to connect with it.

The connection is surreal, and dare I say, supernatural.

Sometimes I pray for a vision of what it can become. Sometimes I just stare at my medium until it speaks to me—so-to-speak.

But the fastest way to get inspired is to do research. Yep, sounds like fun, right?

I look at I Google. I Mind-map, and I make lists. I organize my thoughts and then ideas, concepts, just fall into place.

Concept drives design—always.

Once, when I had just joined a new collage as a professor, I asked one of the seasoned faculty how he inspires his students. He went on for 10 minutes about how he never showed students professional artwork, because they would just get upset that they could not do work like that.

I was mortified.

How can students get better if they don’t know what better looks like?

So, research and enjoy the connection you can make with your art. Be patient. Look at the best work you can find—planting seeds into your visual data bank. And allow the work to grow into its potential by watering it with possibility.


† By God’s grace.




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