Oceans and Oceans of His LOVE

Photo by Sharon Luzzi

Oceans and Oceans of my Love will I bring to this ever present and thirsty world. I have called you to the in this new encounter and give out my Love to my people. I have come to feed a dying world with the weight of my Glory. I am amazed at the depth of my people who’s hearts are toward me. You will rule and reign with me, you who have overcome. Come drink from my well of love. I have come so you can arise on my behalf. All of you have made yourselves ready. Come, I, even now, am blowing on the dry bones. My army, I have made you as the perfect diamonds to cut through the darkness. The water is fine! Come in and dwell with me. Come into my heart. Come learn more about my love. Come sit with me, like Adam walked with me in the cool of the garden. Come look into the depths of my heart. You, bear my image so you can co-labor with me in the Harvest. My greatest desire is to see my children add to my Kingdom.

                               Love Triumphs over all!

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