Creativity is Free

“Write all this down for the coming generation, so re-created people will read it and praise the Lord!” — Psalm 102:18 The Passion Translation

Use it Wisely

Humans are made to be creative. We are made in the image of God the Creator of everything; therefore, we can create. Creativity is freely given to us no matter our color, culture, creed or religious/spiritual connections.

We make art, we write, play music, strategize, organize, and dream. We are creative.

We express our God-given creative spirit imaginatively and inventively. But we can express it from ungodly flesh or through God’s righteous anointing.

It can seem like the devil can create, but he can’t. He just steals creativity from humanity. He manipulates us and twists the creations we make for use in his worldly kingdom. So, our creative motivations must be for the good of God’s Kingdom and nothing more.

† By God’s grace.

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