Prayer for Acknowledging Others

Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash

Excerpt from our new book, Hardwired for Creativity: Art Supplies for the Mind, coming out in the next few months.

Father God in heaven, thank You for other people. Thank You for allowing us to have relationships and to interact positively with those around us. Forgive me for abusing relationships, for neglecting others, and for having a bad attitude at times. Help me please, Jesus to be aligned with Your will for connections and communication in my life. I pray for Your guidance as I work to improve my ability to acknowledge others. I ask You for strategy and wisdom from Your Holy Spirit. Teach me to be open to change my thinking about others, so I can improve my life and the lives of those around me. Please, be the power that fuels my desire to have relationships with others. Anoint me with the confidence, patience and love I need to engage effectively with others. Teach me to be kind, loving and lovable. Allow love to rise from within me with Your never-ending grace and power to accomplish all I set out to do. Thank you, Lord, for Your eternal love. Amen.

“However you wish to be treated by others is how you should treat everyone else.”

—Luke 6:31 The Passion Translation

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