Why Hardwired?

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We’re Hardwired for Life

Sometimes we get the question, “Why ‘Hardwired’?” Well, we are hardwired as human beings made in God’s image to live, to love, to hope, to feel, to work with our hands, to think, to decide, to fail and to grow. We are hardwired to fully experience life on earth, even in our fallen human condition. We were made to encounter this life in order to thrive in all that comes for eternity.

We are biologically hardwired to do, to understand, and to know multivariate things in this life. We are being equipped and prepared for Jesus’ return. The problem is that we have gotten off track due to sin and our flesh, both generationally and independently. The hardwiring in our brains have been pulled apart, crisscrossed, and jumbled up. We have become disconnected from God’s original design for us. We need to be rewired to overcome the world and establish God’s Kingdom here on earth. And we must get rewired to settle back into God’s will and plan for our lives.

So, everything we do is focused on our ability to neurologically rewire our brains, change our mindsets to create new pathways, and choose Jesus Christ first and foremost. We are hardwired for everything godly we do. At Hardwired for Life, we are destined to have this website/blog, write books, have a video blog, and podcast all focused on serving the Lord by sharing His truths about Identity, Purpose and Love.

With Affection,

Sharon & Jana

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