Podcast: Simply Sharon

Simply Sharon, Episode 1

Hi, good afternoon I’m introducing my new podcast. It’s called Simply Sharon.

I get Words from the Lord often.

And we decided that we’re going to start sharing them with you, so I’m going to read them. They have a flow to them usually, and we’re also going to put them in print or word for you also. So here we go. I got this on January 14th, 2021.

So, I’m just going to read this. I waited all day for the Lord to speak. He does that sometimes, so I sat down in the early evening and received this:

“I am meeting out or dissecting the evil to openly shame it and destroy it.

Do not despair. Help is on the way. The waiting will start cracking the hard hearts and the dead heart.

It will also push those to one side or the other. You cannot serve two Masters.

They can no longer sit on the fence.

It is my mercy to do this. It will wake them up to the reality of the world scene. They can no longer deny what’s happening and what I am doing. No more fence straddling. I’m opening the gate of Revival and glory to start now. No more waiting, no more running and hiding.

Pick sides.”

When God speaks to me. He’s very direct and very simple. And when I start hearing from Him as what I now know as a scribe, He always tells me just write exactly what I hear, so it may sound extremely direct with no fluff, but that’s how He speaks to me.

So, I hope you enjoy these. We’re going to continue to do these as I receive them from the Lord, so have a good day blessings.

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