Words From the Lord: Simply Sharon

Simply Sharon, Episode 2

Good morning, this is Simply Sharon. It’s January 23rd, 2021. We have a cold and rainy day. We where we’re sitting with the Lord this morning and I got a word and I promised that we would bring these. 

So, I’m going to start reading.  

“Do not despair. I’m coming down to avenge the blood of the Saints and right the wrongs. No one will get by me. It is not my decision to bring judgment, but those who have sealed their own fate. 

I have waited for those to change their hearts and their wicked ways, and even in the last few days they have shown how rebellious they are. They are unwilling to bow their hearts, so I will now launch my plan to correct the evil upon the Earth. No longer will I tolerate their sin. 

No longer will I wink at their sin, for I am a holy God who is above all others. 

My desire is for all to be saved to come into my Kingdom. 

I have created all men in my image. I give every grace necessary to bring forth the transformation. None are greater than I. Come to the saving knowledge of myself. I always call for mercy over judgment. Eventually there’s a line I can no longer tolerate the destruction of the Earth and its people. 

I am a God of many chances. I will wait till the last second for Salvation. However, I will not be mocked. 

Take in my love it conquers all.” 

I haven’t gotten a word like that in about 25 or 30 years, so this is pretty serious, But the timeframe we’re in it’s not really so surprising. 

Um, I don’t get these too often from the Lord, but when he’s telling me this stuff, he’s serious. And I just expect him to move. I expect us to see change within how people are now and what’s going on so, you know, take this to heart. Pray about it. 

Our message here at Hardwired for Life is to make sure that everybody is saved and know Jesus. So, love you guys have a good day. 

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