Jana Rawling

I began my career in the print industry, while developing my artistic talent in college where I became interested in advertising, and the development of strategic and conceptual graphic design able to influence specific target markets with mere creativity. That creative spirit and my need to find solutions started me on the path of continuously improving and driving change in business with cutting-edge technologies, training, and customer-focused operations. I quickly found myself being pursued by one of the leading advertising agencies in the Inland Empire where I discovered my ability to be as technical as I am artistic positioning me to learn the latest graphic design software and create award-winning marketing collateral. From the advent of the Apple Macintosh computer, to the introduction of web development and computer animation, to digital printing, I was there continuously being challenged by risk-taking clientele and progressive employers to position everyone on the “bleeding edge” of technology and marketing innovation.

Drawing on an ever-expanding portfolio of achievements/accomplishments including creative graphic design, art direction, animated corporate and client multimedia presentations, web design and development, account management, and project management competencies, I proved repeatedly my flexibility to changing business and market conditions. As a “wearer of many hats” to facilitate meeting customer needs, I become positioned to lead creative advertising teams through tight budgets and tighter deadlines. Because of my success, clients requested I take on leading roles on future account campaigns.

Team management and training became a crucial component to my success driving me to seek out and attain valuable management and human relations knowledge and skills. From my first management position at the age of just 19-years old, I implemented employee training to facilitate greater knowledge and understanding of business practices and market conditions. Later, I developed team-training called “Creative Sessions” that included every employee from the receptionist to the president, which inspired the creative spirit and in doing so increased teamwork and overall company productivity with measurable results. These Creative Sessions became one of my trademark leadership tools that I was able to transfer into various positions with multiple companies and teams. Throughout my career a drive to teach and train lead to teaching and training positions that raised in me a passion that explains my purpose: teaching creativity.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, Ontario, California in 2002; an Associates of Science degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia from Westwood College Online, Denver, Colorado in 2008; and I am currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA.

Teaching Philosophy

To me, teaching is not so much about the institution, the instructor, the curriculum, or the classroom as it is about the student. After all, they are our customers. Many are young, and many are adult learners often requiring a flexible, non-traditional approach to learning. Therefore, I employ multiple learning styles with an active learning approach.

I believe many college students have had negative experiences with education, whether they know it or not. They need a safe, structured environment to learn how to be a successful student.

I believe that with the right encouragement and motivation students
can succeed.

I believe I can relate to the adult learner, because I am one. Sparing details… I can relate, but by no means do I enable, or support immature and/or destructive behaviors from them.

I believe I do not have all of the answers, but that I can find them and teach students how to find them too. I have an attitude of lifelong learning and I expect students to leave my classroom with the same attitude.

I believe that everyone is teachable, however challenging it may be.

There must be a continual assessment of student learning, and in turn, of how to achieve course outcomes.

I believe in helping students discover their passions and motivations for pursuing education.

I believe that even under the highest pressure of deadlines, budget requirements, and resource management one must have fun. My teams — my students — are always introduced to my hats.

Reflection on Teaching

Teaching has become a true passion of mine.

I will never forget the fear I had the first time I taught a class and I will never forget how amazing it was and how excited I felt by the end. I will never forget the first time I was able to develop a good rubric for an assignment and how much more effective I became. I will never forget the first time I saw the expression on the student’s face when they “got it.”

These small moments are part of what drives me today to become a better teacher. I believe that teachers should continuously work toward mastering their pedagogy and course curriculum.

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