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My involvement with many different things has given me the ability to become familiar with much of Southern and some of Northern California. My parents liked to travel in California when water-skiing and camping and we moved several times.

During the years of raising my family in Rancho Cucamonga, California, I became involved in many community and humanitarian efforts. I also served in the local church.

God always has a way to use us as instruments in his hand. It doesn’t take much to be in a community and love someone. Offering our time and effort is always appreciated.

In the first fellowship, I served in the coffee and donut ministry. I scheduled the donut orders, picked up the coffee, served one service, and made sure all the other services were manned. I later graduated to the Eucharistic ministry and then, the very most important training for people in crisis ministry where people could come in confidence and get help for their immediate crisis. That ministry set me up for all of the tools I still use to this day. Loving people right where they are.

I also was involved in their Pro-Life ministry which then in turn set me up for Operation Rescue and then a city-wide church effort to educate people about the Love of God for women who were contemplating abortion or needed post-abortion care.

We put together the famous Life Chain here in the Inland Empire. We prompted leaders and ministers to change their way of thinking about women in these circumstances, and get them the help they truly needed.

For the next several years I was involved in the following: I was a Sunday School Director and teacher. Then not too long after that God shifted me to the community and launched me out to the city, community, and political realm. I served on the Inland Valley Republican Assembly, on the Executive Board, and as Vice President for 5 years which put me on the path of local, State, and Federal involvement. I served as the secretary at the foundational year for Arise America Ministries which was a Christian Historical Ministry about our foundations. I was on the Executive Board of PTA as Secretary and Vice President for two years while my children were still in public school. I was on the school site council for one year at the same elementary school my children were attending.

After I took my children out of the public school system, I pioneered a group of parents, as an advocate called Parents in Education, for their children to receive the best education for their children’s needs. I still was called on by the parents of public school children for help for their children.

I was involved in the following to varying degrees: I worked with the Red Cross during the 2002 wildfires. I ran Angel Tree Program for my church, I have helped feed the homeless, worked in a local food warehouse, as an advocate for children, tutored and mentored children, raising funds for children who are in crisis, within the school communities. I have helped with Pacific Lifeline in Upland, California where there is a shelter for women. I also assisted another pastor with help acquiring computers for a home for women similar to Pacific Lifeline.

I spent six months volunteering for Senator Bill Lenard’s office. I also ran for an elected office on the County of San Bernardino’s Central Committee.

I was a support parent for parents of premature babies at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and the University California Irvine Hospital Medical Center also.

I have a son who was 13 weeks premature and is a miracle.

I helped coordinate the National Day of Prayer Breakfast here in the Inland Empire.

I am an ordained pastor and have been on a worship team run by the Holy Spirit Himself.

I am God’s only child! Sorry, I don’t share well. I am His daughter and he is the lover of my soul and spirit. I am a worshipper, I am chosen. I love people. I am a beach lover, photographer, horsewoman, exotic car lover, songwriter, published author, humanitarian, strategist, and visionary.

My greatest endeavor was raising three beautiful children to help change the future.

I still reside here in Rancho Cucamonga, California which is known as a City of Refuge and an Apostolic Hub.

My hope is that you will be able to use the information and wisdom to help change your life to know God’s Love.

Peace to all.

Sharon Luzzi

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