Statement of Faith

We Believe…

We believe in all the sinless works of the risen Jesus Christ, Father God and Holy Spirit.

In the spirit of transparency, we would like to preface this work with a request of grace. We are human “beings” and it’s important to us to stay in the “being”, letting God be God and walking in the Holy Spirit of God. Therefore, we have written this to the best our ability at the time of publication.

We believe we are perfect, right now in this moment, right where we are at and understand that we will be imperfect as we look backward into how or what we did yesterday. This means we will make mistakes and we will learn from them tomorrow.

This work may be controversial or unacceptable for some people as we are all in different places in our individual walk with Jesus Christ. However, we are to operate as One Body and desire your grace as you follow our work. We work daily on and in what we understand God is directing always with a foundation of love.

We encourage you to engage in exegesis of Scripture for yourself—not depending on commentary, not even ours. Use discernment to receive what is good and right in the Spirit of the Lord.

Be blessed in the Mighty Name of Jesus. If you have any questions, please email:

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