Art with a Little Help from My Friends

Angel, Unfinished by Jana Rawling I'm loving the metallic paint in the eyes. Ask Your Personal Angel for Help I love to Sculpt with water-based clay. I love the relationship that I build with the clay and the subject as the clay dries and changes in texture and plasticity. I love that there’s a time-factor... Continue Reading →

Art Draws from Life

Finding Meaning There’s story behind art; stories of subject and emotion past and present—perhaps the future too. Art you hate and love speak volumes if you take the time to listen. Why? The stories are a combination of the artist, the environment, the moment and the viewer. Artists tell stories and must let them go... Continue Reading →

Artisans are Called by Name

What an honor. God called the craftsmen who were to work on the tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant by their names. Names are very important to God, and His names are crucial for us to know His attributes and character. If you call yourself and artist, be proud yet humbled by the gifts and... Continue Reading →

Creativity: Cathartic Exercise

  I made another Gourd in between all of the writing, blogging and podcasting I do. It was so fun to carve these waves. I really needed to step away a get creative. Buried Emotional Toxins We carry our emotions in every cell of our body. Many of those emotions are negative and destructive. They... Continue Reading →

When the Heart Sings

Clay requires relationship. It moves, acts and reacts to your hands, to time, temperature, to care and love. I’m not a potter in the functional sense. Mugs and plates don’t interest me. It’s people that does. Not small figurines, nor abstract creatures personified. It's just people that does—with God and without reference. The first time... Continue Reading →

Trying New Media

What’s the worst thing that can happen? I love to try new mediums of art. It’s a blast to discover new ways of making something beautiful, while having fun doing it. Let me just emphasize the fun part! It’s about having fun, not what the results will be. When something turns out nice, all the... Continue Reading →

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