Thoughts on Creativity

Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash Creativity is a mystery. Creativity is revelation from God. It’s an unseen resource we can pull down from Heaven. It’s an anointing we can access as sons and daughters of the living God. It’s a significant attribute of Holy Spirit and Jesus. I call creativity the Creative Spirit. When I speak of... Continue Reading →


Spoken Word Piece By Malica Williams   Oct 8, 2017 Day 547& 1/2 When the alarm goes off and you don't hit snooze progress. When your exercise is walking to the mailbox progress. When you are only swimming in 12 loads of laundry progress. When you pull out the vaccuum and plug it in that's... Continue Reading →


Malica Williams is also know for her spoken word pieces. We are honored to add her spoken word pieces to our blog.   Content I'm a frame with no depth. Moving forward requires me to move the cement blocks entrapped below me. At least I'm honest about my identity. Gossip wraps around me like sash... Continue Reading →


    WE have guest bloggers and are proud to present Malica Williams. She is an amazing woman of God and used mightily in the area of rescuing girls out of human trafficking. Thank you , Malica The Call Ring,ring,ring I pick up the phone hello. Hello my name is Lien how may I help... Continue Reading →

Who has captured your heart?

In the days of fast living, on the hamster wheel or merry go round of life, we often have a undefinable amount of information being either received into our brain or cast off. Our spirit, soul and body are always affected by the information taken into our heart. If we are not sharpened up in... Continue Reading →

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