Purpose: Called & Chosen

Excerpt from the Foundations of Love Online Course by Hardwired for Worship. You Have a Purpose for Being Here Everyone has a Purpose whether they believe it or not. We need to know our purpose in order fully walk in who we are in Christ Jesus. Finding our purpose is hardwired into our DNA—some people... Continue Reading →


Creative: Made to be Creative

Excerpt from the Foundations of Love Online Course by Hardwired for Worship School of the He.Arts. Made in God's Image We are all creative whether we believe it or not. We are made in God’s image as creative beings capable of engaging in the phenomenon of making something new and valuable. We are creative at... Continue Reading →


    Connection is why we are here. Connection means we must be seen which means being courageous and willing to be imperfect and to be vulnerable. We need a strong sense of love and belonging, which gives us a strong belief that we are worthy. We need a strong foundation of love. Gaining a... Continue Reading →

The Pre-Registration Teaching is Free

The Pre-Registration course gets you started on your way to self-discovery and healing. You'll get a better understanding of what the full Your Foundations of Love online course offers once you take the free Pre-Registration online course.  The courses are self-paced, so you can work through them at your convenience.

Purpose: There’s a Reason I’m Here

Except from book: Hardwired for Purpose: Blazing Trails to Follow God’s Lead from a Creative’s Perspective by Jana Rawling My purpose was illusive. I was busy doing things that fulfilled a part of me, but I knew something was missing. I was searching for the missing pieces to the puzzle of my life, because I... Continue Reading →

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