Co-Creation with Sharon & Jana How do we co-create? Co-creating with God is an amazing experience, though we create with Him all the time and don't realize it. What does it look like to co-create today?

Knit Together

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash Made for a Purpose Recently, a friend told me I reminded her of Hannah, Samuel’s Mother, from 1 Samuel in the Bible. Hannah was the most loved wife of her husband, Elkanah, even though she was childless. Hannah’s rival, Elkanah’s other wife would taunt her out of spite. When she went to... Continue Reading →

Many Doors Healing Encounter Tool

Meditation Example I looked at my “Many Doors” Pinterest™ board to quickly find a Door to use in my meditation. I imagined that the door looked like a country cottage in a quaint village. I opened it and saw plants inside. I am not sure why…. I felt like I was flying downward below the... Continue Reading →


To the Fatherless Generation who I have My Mighty Hand on Your place in History is a great one I had to have a Fatherless generation to put my imprint on... My character, My love, My very proof of My love. A chosen Generation to bring My Love on the earth A Generation without the... Continue Reading →

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