We’re Wired to Be Creative.

God made us in His image and He is the greatest Creator: therefore, we are creators. Satan can only create by stealing our power and life. It’s time to take our creativity back and own it as human beings. We must step up and live from a place of co-creation more than ever before.

Co-creating with God is the ultimate service we can provide as a legacy. Co-creating is eternal, unlike things we create from our own power and resources. We are co-creating when we partner with God to do something that He called us to do. It’s critical that we can discern what we should be doing versus doing only what we want to do. Anything we want to do within the scope of our calling and purpose is what God wants us to do. We merely need to make sure to wait on God for wise timing, and of course, we get wisdom by asking for it from Him.

Let’s embrace our creative side, no matter what we do, and do it all for God.

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