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Words from the Lord can bless us tremendously. We take care not to give specific individual direction, dates, or hopeless Words here. Intimate Words are meant for private sessions, so email us at Hardwired365@gmail.com for an appointment.

Creativity & Art

We will be curating various forms of Creativity on this page with Photography, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Spoken Word, Dance, and more.

If you would like us to review your creative work and share it on this page, please submit it here for approval.

This is a fun piece from Jana’s MFA show.


Ella Unfinished > Handmade Clay Sculpture by Jana Rawling 

Knit Together > Handmade Book by Jana Rawling 

A Day at the Beach by Sharon Luzzi 

Around the Block by Jana Rawling 

THINK by Jana Rawling 

Love Letter Seven

Wealth is beyond the eye of the beholder
Wealth is not resident in oneself
Wealth is part of My Glory
Abundance part of My Glory
Man’s wealth is not my wealth
They are not the same
What is in the world is not mine
My Glory is with me
Manmade wealth does not compare
Manmade wealth is no comparison
What you see in the world is manmade
It’s not of me
Man is only passing around what he has made
You can not see My Glory in what man has made
Come I will show you My Glory
What I have made

4/11/2007 > Author Sharon Luzzi, Excerpt from the Book Love Letters

For the Church

You have been shifted, moved, rearranged. You call to Me and I hear you. Time is always a factor, so remember patience. Let go of the anger and emotions toward Me for not responding in your timing, because you know not the hour which I come. Together, I will reconsider the times and seasons. Together, I will move you closer to Me and My glory. Together, and not apart. I am your North. Keep focused on Me and I will guide you through the mine fields of the enemy. Your feet do not need to touch the ground.

5/5/16 > Jana Rawling ♥

With Me

Walk with Me in the cool of the night.
Stand with Me at the edge of the Light.
Observe the need and pray.
Plant the seed and stay.
Stand and walk with Me.

5/5/16 > Jana Rawling 

Three Trees | © 2019 Jana Rawling

This piece was created by Jana Rawling in 2017 live at Church. See more of Jana’s work at  www.janarawling.com

† By God’s Grace.

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