Podcast: Be Still for Restoration

    Today is a great day for restoration and healing. The key will be to be still. God is really going to move in this coming season—very soon. He is showing us that He is already working and making provision for the coming power and anointing that He will deposit within us. Get ready!... Continue Reading →

Remember Verse 24?

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash   Worship in All We Do Yes, We Know. Now what? “Our goal must be to empower others to do what is right and good for them, and to bring them into spiritual maturity.” — Romans 15:2 The Passion Translation (TPT) This verse is one that we take very seriously. It’s our... Continue Reading →

Writing & Sketchbooks

  My Sketchbooks are Part of Me These are a few pages from my current Sketchbook. I love to free write, brainstorm, do mind-maps, study and practice sketching for my next Sculpture. I've written this way for over 20 years now. I'll never forget the day I started. I was young and stressed about something... Continue Reading →

Podcast: A Demon & A Computer, S1E15

    This week we discuss how spiritual activity can be connected to anything and strategies for taking care of business. We must be diligent in all forms of spiritual warfare, even if we need to bless our computers. ♥   † By God's grace.

Three Tips to Harness your Creativity — Lorraine Ambers

Today I want to introduce my 3 tips on how to keep your creativity cup full and overflowing. Filled with the joy of a new quest, the pen becomes an extension of our essence and the words simply flow. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. via Three Tips to Harness your Creativity — Lorraine Ambers  

Podcast: Justice & Hope

    We are often called to judge persons or situations, and we must do so in righteous justice. Tough love is difficult and necessary from Christian leaders, parents and disciples. We must focus our love on Jesus for all hope to fall into place. ♥   † By God's grace.

Podcast: Keys & Blueprints

  Jesus is beginning a new wave of healing and discovery for His Bride. His giving us good gifts along with the strategy to move, so dig-in deeper with us as we pray and prepare for this new season. Focus on relationship with Him and He will guide your way. ♥ † By God's grace.

Art with a Little Help from My Friends

Angel, Unfinished by Jana Rawling I'm loving the metallic paint in the eyes. Ask Your Personal Angel for Help I love to Sculpt with water-based clay. I love the relationship that I build with the clay and the subject as the clay dries and changes in texture and plasticity. I love that there’s a time-factor... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Lightning Bolts & Tornados

    We are charging-up for the current transition that we are going through spiritually. God is sending us the power we need to manifest His mighty Kingdom on earth no matter our position or identity in Christ Jesus. Our obedience and discipleship must align with Him as we take-up our cross and follow Him.... Continue Reading →

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