Jesus Loves Me Podcast: Trust

Episode 10

Jana and Sharon talk about what it means to trust God, ourselves and others from a Biblical perspective. Trust can be a challenge and we must be willing to risk it for our relationships.

Jesus Loves Me Podcast: Lukewarm

Episode 9

Jana and Sharon talk about being lukewarm. We often find ourselves far away from God without realizing it. During this time of worldwide crisis are we waiting for God to act, or are we going to lean into Him?

Jesus Loves Me Podcast: Majesty

Episode 8

Sharon and Jana talk about God’s majesty all around us. It’s infused in our daily lives and is to be reverenced with awe and wonder. His majesty comes in His glory, but do we respect it and honor Him for it? And is majesty accessible to everyone?

Jesus Loves Me Podcast: Unoffendable

Episode 6

In this episode Sharon and Jana talk about the reality of being offended or unoffendable after Jana breaks her leg and bones in both feet. Jana is very medicated which brings a little extra humor into a very serious discussion.

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